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A break from software development

Two weeks ago I started on a two months leave to take care of my two daughters, Lina (10 months) and Oda (4 yrs). So far this change in day to day life has been delightful, I’m enjoying every day together with these two lovely creatures. Originally the plan was to be at home with Lina while Oda was to attend kindergarden. However, since we have recently moved into a new house in Lørenskog just outside Oslo we lost the spot for Oda and she is now home together with us.

Luckily, my wife Pernille and I have been blessed with two lovely and kind girls so there really is nothing to complain about. Even so I have a growing admiration for those mothers and fathers (usually the first is the case) who take care of their children every day. After 7 or 8 pm, when they’re both asleep in their beds, I crash exhausted on the sofa. I’ve found that the days are extremely practically oriented (not a big surprise perhaps:) and I find myself delivering tasks all the time. Dress the kids, feed them breakfast, lunch dinner etc, wash clothes, do the dishes, change dipers, play and so on…. If I could deliver the same amount of tasks every day as a software developer projects would be a breeze….

I intend to make the most of the time at home with my kids, after all: This is a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and I will try to enjoy every single day. In between delivering tasks I hope I will have time to write a few posts. We’ll see….


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