Miles technical weekend session – agile in focus

Last weekend Miles, the company I work for,  held a technical weekend session with focus on agile methodologies. Agile methods are very much in the wind right now and on Saturday Manish Shah and Thomas Granier from EqualExperts held a very interesting presentation about scaling agile in various types of project. The talk was very inspiring as it gave me some valuable insight into how to apply agile especially in distributed projects. This was followed by an open space session where I ended up participating in the session about applying agile to complex integration projects in organizations with parallel ongoing projects.  Two of the main conclusions from this session were:

  1. When running several parallel projects touching the same code base, some kind of program is needed to manage these projects
  2. Keep the interfaces as stable as possible to minimize noise

You can read Manish’s weblog about the session here

Sunday, Arild and John-Arne held an inspiring talk about things they had picked up on the QCon conference in London earlier this year. I really think want to learn a new language and after hearing the guys talk so enthusiastic about NetKernel and Erlang these two languages seem like good candidates


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