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JavaZone 2008

Last week I attended the 7th edition of JavaZone, hosted in Oslo Spektrum. After a very good conference in 2006, I felt that the 2007 edition was a bit of a disappointment. That said, I was never in doubt that I wanted to attend this years conference and the agenda showed some great promise. The only problem seemed to be that some of the talks I wanted to see were colliding, well it could be worse…. The initial promise wasn’t just a promise, almost all the announced speakers turned up (apart from a few that apparently got ill), and better yet; a lot of the talks were of really high quality.

Of many interesting and good talks I hold Ola Bini’s talk about the emerging JRuby technology as my personal favorite. The hour long session was both very interesting and well-formed and I’m sure inspired many of the listeners to learn more about the JRuby language.
Another excellent talk on the opening day was Jim Webber’s “Guerilla SOA” talk. Having experienced many of the problems a heavy, commercial ESB solution imposes, I obviously agree with many of his thoughts.

On day 2 Kevlin Henney gave an entertaining and good talk about object oriented programming, shedding light on a number of basic (but often forgotten) principles of object oriented programming. Henney is always great to watch, I’m sure he could make an interesting talk about almost anything.
Equally entertaining was Robert Martins talk about clean code, where he presented his strong opinions about almost anything you can think of when it comes to programming functions (length, arguments, return values, exception handling, comments etc….). Uncle Bob is publishing “Clean Code” in these days, I’m definitely considering to buy…

As always, there are talks to be missed as well (way too many infact), top two I wanted to see but missed out on:

  • Richard Öbergs talk about composite oriented programming (Qi4j)
  • Michael Feathers- Cultivating Deep Software Design Skill

This years JavaZone was definitely a good experience. A lot of high quality talks, well-organized and an excellent ClubZone party on the evening of day 1. And of course, it’s always great to meet former colleagues, friends etc, they all seem to attend this happening…


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