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This Monday, I attended a talk by Dan Morill (Google) about Android development at the Colorado Software Summit. Having no previous experience with this, Embedded device development is miles away from what I normally work with, I was hoping to learn something new. Indeed I did. The first half of the presentation was devoted to giving an introduction to the architecture of Android, which at least gave me a good introduction to the Android architecture and the SDK

Android is built on top of a Linux kernel. In the layer above the kernel is the Android core, consisting of a Dalvik Virtual Machine and a set of core libraries. Above this is set of application frameworks, Resource Manager, Window Manager etc. In the top-most layer lies the applications themselves, i.e phone, browser.

What is Android gives a good description to Android.

An android application may be viewed as a composition of various components. The most imortant building blocks are 

  • Activitites
  • IntentReceivers
  • Services
  • ContentProviders
http://code.google.com/android/devel/building-blocks.html contains a good description of these building blocks.
In order to get started on Android development you need to download the Android SDK which can be found at Android download page
If you’re using Eclipse as your IDE, there is an eclipse plugin available which adds integrated support for development of Android applications. An installation guide is available here

The eclipse plugin makes it pretty easy to develop and test android applications. You can get visual feedback as you develop and when you launch your application it is run in an emulator.

I was quite impressed with Android and if I can find some time I will definitely have a go at it.


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