JavaZone 2009

Nearly one week since this years JavaZone conference with around 2000 attending. Time for some reflection: The agenda was published fashionably late and with 6 parallel sessions, picking the right talk seemed like a challenge.

Good thing then that the overflow concept had been further nurtured by the JavaZone committee: Six screens next to each other at one of the far ends of Oslo Spectrum made it really easy to switch between talks. So during the sessions where 2 or more interesting talks collided, I oftentimes chose to use the overflow area.

There were a lot of good talks on the agenda this year and it was nice to see that quite a few norwegian developers were given the chance to speak. My good colleague Morten Udnæs was one of these, he held a really good talk about batch programming – “The forgotten art of batch programming”.

There was a really good and interesting DDD track the first day. Eric Evans held a really good and inspiring talk about Strategic Design, definitely worth catching and one of my favorite talks this year. But I think Greg Young was even better. In the “Unleash your domain”, he presents (in a confident and inspiring way) a lot of interesting theories on DDD. The Command Query Separation pattern is something I want to try out. The first day was concluded with ClubZone – always a blast.

The second day did not match the first, but I was able to catch a few good talks. Top of the list on the second day were Neal Fords “Productive Programmer” talk and “Lizard Brain Web Design” by Scott Davis, an inspiring talk about web design.

JavaZone proves once again to be a good conference (although some of the previous ones have been better, at least in my book): Many good talks, good food and a good night out on town Wednesday night.


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