A Kanban Retrospective

Today our team had a retrospective where we looked back and evaluated the team’s experience with applying Agile/Lean methods. The reason for the retrospective was a bit special: There is an ongoing initiative aiming to introduce agile in all nordic countries and the people driving this initiative wanted to learn from our experiences with Scrum and Kanban.

The team has been practicing agile techniques for about 3 years. About 3 months ago, the team decided to switch from Scrum to Kanban, in search of solving some problems experienced when using Scrum. Now 3 months later, the team members spoke out about the experiences so far. The picture below tells it all: A lot of notes about Kanban in the “Glad” column 🙂

(I apologize for the poor quality of the picture, the camera on the HTC Desire is not great)

In fact, every single team member had a positive experince with the Kanban implementation. Developers, manager and product owner all agreed that Kanban had really had a positive effect on the team. Some of the feedback was:

  • “Limiting work in progress helps us focus on getting work all through the value chain” (see picture)
  • “Focus on solving issues due to limiting work in progress”
  • “Visibility of work”
  • “Encourages swarming behavior and pair programming”

… and then some.

So it seems the team is heading in the right direction with this Kanban journey we have started 🙂 But we are moving slowly, applying small changes as we gradually learn.


5 thoughts on “A Kanban Retrospective

  1. Good on ya buddy! 🙂 Have only tried Kanban on a very small, non-critical project so far myself, as well as a personal Kanban board, but I have to say it appeals to me in a big way! Thanks for posting your uplifting conclusions and – last but not least – keep up the good work!

  2. Only concern is that the team could not find any more improvements in their Scrum process and instead of bringing in some Lean practises or other ways they had to change the way they work completely… Not saying it is a bad thing as KanBan works for me too, but when the time comes and the team wants to change their process again there might be some deeper issues that need to be addressed. Good luck

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