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Superfast Customer Feedback – The Way Forward

Quite recently I attended the Roots 2011 conference in Bergen where I facilitated some Kanban game playing. At the conference I had the pleasure to see Fred George and 3 other programmers (including my former colleague Erling Wegger Linde ) from Forward Technology talk about how they develop software.

“Programming Anarchy” was the title of the presentation. Basically, programmers in this company do what they think is the best solution for a given problem and their leaders (apparently there are very few of them at Forward, another characteristic of this fascinating organization) trust that the programmers are doing the right thing. The right thing is of course what we all try to do. Forward’s approach is somewhat different than what’s generally considered “good agile practices”. Where others focus on continuous integration, Forward says something like:

We don’t do continuous integration. In fact, we won’t even bother to set up an environment for that. Instead we do continuous deployment.

This means they will get superfast feedback from real stakeholders, or as they say on their frontpage:

In the last 7 days 40 developers have made 795 commits resulting in 397 deploys to 86 projects.

That’s pretty cool! And it seems to work too 🙂 Especially if you develop small applications with very few dependencies to other applications. Sitting there during the presentation, I realized that this was quite similar to the way I had developed a small web application some months ago.

To be continued…


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