Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Since I started my own business almost 2 years ago I have been way outside my own comfort on numerous occasions. Being your own boss gives you a lot of freedom. Freedom to do things you like. Freedom to try new things. When you try new things there is a good chance that you are stepping out of your own comfort zone.   
“Before every breakthrough there is a moment of uncomfortableness” – Christopher Avery. 
Sometimes that moment is short, sometimes it’s longer. I will probably never stop feeling uncomfortable when moving down an unclear foggy road. I have come to the realization that this is something I have to live with, that feeling uncomfortable in situations where you let go of control, is in fact quite normal. So over the last couple of year I’ve become better at recognizing this feeling, which makes it easier to deal with.  
From time to time I’ve asked myself why I get into these uncomfortable situations. After all, feeling comfortable, cruising on what you already know and already know how to do, is convenient and easy. When this gets too tempting I try to return to my “why”, to remind myself of why I’m doing this: Helping myself and other people/organizations improve. To improve you need to change. To change you need to do something new. 
So I’ve done it again. Something I believe in and think will be very cool, will be announced this coming week. Over the next 7 or 8 months I’m sure I will find myself way out of my comfort zone on many occasions. Our mission? To help other people step out of their comfort zones, dare to try new things and by that; help both themselves and their organizations change into something better.
Today Dare Festival was launched. It gives a nice short overview of what to expect. There is more to come. Watch out for some announcements the next couple of weeks 🙂  

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