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Hire Passionate People

“The secret to a successful team is this: look for the people who want to change the world”

– Mark Benioff, CEO of Salesforce

After several months of seeking alignment, we finally got funding for a 4 month experiment to test out a new way of working. We knew that chances of success would increase with skilled people in the team. But for this kind of mission we needed something more. We needed people who were not only skilled but also passionate about what they were doing. But most importantly, we needed people with a growth mindset (see Carol Dweck’s work to lean more about a Fixed VS Growth Mindset).

We had set out to recruit 3 people to our team: one frontend developer, one with a devops profile and one tester. But this change after the interviews. We simply couldn’t make up our mind choosing frontend developer. We’d found 2 really passionate developers. So we changed our mind and decided that we would go for 3 developers. 2 frontend guys and one with more of a backend profile who would be responsible for building a deployment pipeline. Instead of having a dedicated tester in our team we decided to emphasise that quality is everybody’s responsibility.

“Quality is everyone’s responsibility” (W.E Deming)

We have never regretted that decision

Rapid Shop 3000 – Passion from day one

From the very start of the project we could sense a great energy in the team. After a few days of workshop to get to know each other, amongst other we did a Pre-Mortem to mitigate risks, the team started working. They decided to set a goal:

New product page in production-like environment with working link between new product page and the checkout process in the existing webshop solution.Intention: Uncover asmany problems and risks as possible.

We were all eager to deliver incrementally and to learn from taking small steps. So we decided on a name for the team to reflect this. After a quick brain storming session “Rapid Shop 3000” was born.


4 thoughts on “Hire Passionate People

    1. One way to test people’s passion is to ask open-ended questions, like:

      – Tell me about a cool project you have been involved in ?
      – Tell me about a pet project you’ve done

      The way they answer these questions will tell a great deal about how passionate they are.

      1. Do you mean during the interview? IMO, during an interview the interviewer should do his/her best to describe the working environment. If it’s not a good match I think this will become clear during the dialogue.

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