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Lean Web Development With Play Framework and Kanban

Late March this year I hosted David J Anderson’s first official Kanban Traning Class in Norway. Having David over to teach one of his classes was definitely both exiting and a great learning experience for me personally. I’ve been using Kanban for a while now and really come to appreciate the evolutionary way of pursuing continuous improvement and learning.

Now, if you’re going to arrange a course you need some way for people to register, so I decided to create a small web application for this purpose. I did not have much time and I had to do the work during evenings, after getting the kids to bed. In other words, I was in need for some rapid web development. If you want to deliver quickly I think the following is very important:

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Superfast Customer Feedback – The Way Forward

Quite recently I attended the Roots 2011 conference in Bergen where I facilitated some Kanban game playing. At the conference I had the pleasure to see Fred George and 3 other programmers (including my former colleague Erling Wegger Linde ) from Forward Technology talk about how they develop software.

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Event Based Deliveries With WIP Ranges

Principle W5: The Batch Size Decoupling Principle in Donald Reinertsen’s excellent book The Principles of Product Development Flow states:

Use WIP ranges to decouple the batch sizes of adjacent processes

Reinertsen explains: “By using a range of acceptable WIP levels, we can use different, and economically optimal batch sizes in adjacent processes”

Here is a “real-life” example of this principle…

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Kanban Training Class with David Anderson

I’m proud to announce that David Anderson will visit Norway late March to hold his first official Kanban Training Class in Norway. The event will take place in Oslo on March 28-29 at Hotel Bristol

This intensive 2-day Kanban training class provides an introduction to Lean, Pull Systems and Kanban and will explain how established industrial engineering theory can apply to software development process. The training class is a great opportunity to learn how to do successful evolutionary change from the “Father of Kanban-style software development”

The class is limited to 20 participants. If your interested in learning Kanban from the best you can register here.

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Electronic or Physical Kanban Board – Why Not Both?

Ever since we started using a task board, back in 2006 when we started using Scrum, the discussion about physical task board vs electronic task board has come up regularly. I have always favored the use of physical boards for co-located teams. In my opinion, you can never find a good substitue for the type of visual control, communication and collaboration you get when you use a physical board. Another compelling characteristics of these boards are of course that it is possible for anybody in the organization to get a fairly good overview of the current status of the project, just by looking at it for a few seconds 10 feet away
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Improving Software Quality With Kanban and XP Practices

Defects is probably the number 1 waste in software development. This is not a new thing, it has been a major problem ever since the software crisis was coined four decades ago. Creating software that works is hard. Creating software that works and does what the customer wants it to do is even harder. And with team members fighting as best as they can to meet a tight deadline, things get really difficult. I believe Kanban, combined with XP practices can help teams deliver high quality software at a reliable and sustainable pace.

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